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Our Partners

Whether it’s software or hardware, we always aim to create industry-leading emergency management systems for our customers. Our engineers will ensure that SAFER Systems is fully integrated with your onsite sensors and meteorological stations, and can provide custom installation, training, maintenance and upgrades as needed. Just know that we’ve partnered with the best in the business to solve your problems.

Cerex Monitoring Solutions

Gas Detection Technology


Gas Detection Technology

Blackline Safety

Safety Monitoring

RAE Systems by Honeywell

Gas Detection Technology

Boreal Laser

Gas Detection Technology


GIS Mapping

Concept Controls

Gas Detection Technology
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We are not just a vendor

We’re your partners in emergency response and management. Let us take the complexity out of creating a fully integrated solution. We’ll bring together the software, hardware and three decades of expertise so you’ll have the confidence of being completely prepared to handle any unplanned event, large or small.

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