Technical Support and Upgrade Program

A secure, cost-effective and worthwhile partnership for any SAFER software customer.

Think about the wise homeowner who purchases a fire extinguisher and, although hoping never to use it, annually tests and certifies it to ensure its functionality so that-if the need arises-it works correctly. Like the homeowner, SAFER users should consider the value and benefits of a Technical Support and Upgrade (TSU) Program for integrity and operational support of their SAFER Real-Time® or SAFER HazMat Responder™ solutions for use in their Emergency Response Plan.

The program helps minimize downtime, reduce support complexity, stimulate customer learning, and aids in software feature enhancements. It also provides mechanisms to receive feedback from our customers and converts that feedback into critical input to improve support and, more importantly, the software.

What is Included with the TSU Program?

The SAFER TSU Program provides a comprehensive array of products and services that includes access to periodic software updates, fixes and feature improvements; remote desktop support (modeling, upgrades and much more); 24-hour telephone support; full off-site backups of customer databases including Maps, GIS and Receptors; access to user training; Users’ Group meetings and technology sessions; and discounts on products and services, including annual System Audits.

With a SAFER Systems TSU Program contract, you receive all of the following features and benefits:

  • Future updates, fixes and feature improvements to software developed by SAFER at no cost to you.
  • Priority support during normal business hours (7:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific).
  • 24/7/365 emergency support is managed through a paging system that puts you in touch with a SAFER engineer during any emergency.
  • Remote desktop support for modeling, upgrades, computer conferencing, and much more.
  • Full, off-site database backups are available at your discretion. SAFER maintains a secure copy of each site’s full SAFER program including Maps, GIS, and Receptors. Initiate the backup as frequently as you require to protect against loss from data corruption, hard drive failure, or staff turnover.
  • Access to user training, regional Users’ Group and Technology sessions at discounted or no cost.
  • Discounted access to annual System Audits, an all-encompassing evaluation of hardware functionality, software configuration, and staff proficiency.