Transitioning to SAFER One™:
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will our new SAFER One™ site be set up similarly to our existing SAFER Real-Time® System?

SAFER Systems® is committed to making the transition as streamlined as possible. We will optimize your implementation with all of the necessary sensors, chemicals, scenarios and receptors that your site will require. We’ll also provide your facility with a dedicated transition team, including an Account Manager and Technology Support Supervisor. To discuss your migration to SAFER One™, contact our sales team at (805) 383-9711 Ext. 130 or e-mail us at for a SAFER One™ migration consultation.

2. How long will the transition take?

Each customer’s migration to SAFER One™ from SAFER Real-Time® will vary depending on factors such as your site’s complexity or number of sensors. Contact our sales team at (805) 383-9711 Ext. 130 or e-mail us at for a SAFER One™ migration consultation.

3. How many users can we set up to use on the new SAFER One™ platform? Are there additional fees per user?

Your organization can have as many SAFER One™ users as you see fit, and there are no additional fees. All users are included in the price of your subscription.

4. How does the new platform work?

SAFER One™ is cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a highly secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, database storage and content delivery to enable robust, scalable and always-on capabilities for your facilities. The platform works by aggregating your real-time meteorological and sensor data locally, and passing that data via secure TLS 1.2 connectivity to the AWS cloud, where SAFER One™ processes that data and delivers it to the end user through a browser. Users are no longer tied to a single PC for access; they simply log on to a browser securely using account credentials provided by your organization.

5. Will we still offer 24/7/365 support?

Yes, 24/7/365 technical support will be provided by SAFER Systems® to your organization via phone or e-mail, as long as you migrate to the new platform. Note that legacy SAFER Real-Time® software product support will cease upon the earlier of the expiration of your existing Software Support Contract interval in 2017 or December 31st, 2017, whichever comes first. For support, you may contact us as follows:

During normal offices hours (7 am PT to 4 pm PT): E-mail support at Phone: After hours and on holidays, in the U.S., call (800) 621-7237 or globally, call (805) 383-9711.Choose option #2 for Technical Support.

Note: For support after-hours support and on holidays, please call SAFER Systems® at the 800 number above for appropriate routing.

6. How long will my data be backed up on the new SAFER One™ platform?

Once your site(s) are live on the new platform, all new meteorological and sensor data will be stored in perpetuity as long as you remain a customer.

7. What are the primary differences between the new SAFER One RT™ and the legacy SAFER Real-Time® systems?

  • Robust Browser-based platform; no need for PC-specific installation or configuration.
  • User management and access control.
  • Centralized, configuration and archive database for chemicals, scenarios, events, receptors, weather, and gas sensor data.
  • Greatly simplified User Interface with Google Maps® integration and searchable points-of-interest.
  • Sharing of chemical release events with multiple users, with collaboration across users and plant sites via email, viewable by mobile devices and PCs.
  • Integration with real-time traffic.
  • No satellite imagery or GIS data requirements.
  • Quarterly product updates.

8. Is it mandatory to move to SAFER One™ from SAFER Real-Time®?

As mentioned in the End of Life Notification that you should have received from SAFER Systems® via e-mail, in order to provide you with the highest service levels and new integration features, the SAFER Real-Time® legacy system will no longer be supported after December 31st, 2017, and customers who wish continue with SAFER Systems® will be migrated to the new platform. SAFER Systems®is committed to making your migration to the new system as smooth as possible.

9. What will happen to our existing Meteorological Tower and/or Chemical Sensor devices?

The SAFER One™ Data Acquisition Module will connect with a majority of existing devices, so you can expect them to work as before, but be usable in a greatly enhanced, browser-based user Interface hosted on Amazon Web Services – with unlimited users and mobile access (coming soon). We are planning to continually add new interfaces. Please contact our sales team for more details about your Meteorological Tower and/or Chemical Sensor devices connectivity.

10. What will happen to our existing emergency response scenarios and chemicals?

As mentioned in Question #1, the SAFER One™ transition team will work with you and will guide you to bring existing scenarios and chemicals from SAFER Real-Time® to SAFER One™ in a way that is optimized for your needs.

11. What will happen to our existing GIS data?

SAFER One™ uses Google Maps® for GIS rendering of your site and local points of interest. Google Maps® provides latest map data with traffic, street view and points of interest (receptors), which will make GIS data more useful during an emergency than static map data.

Should you have any more questions about transition from your legacy SAFER Real-Time® to SAFER OneTM, please contact us.