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Safer Real-Time®
Product End of Life and Support Notification

Dear Customers,

With the launch of SAFER One RT™, our new emergency preparedness, planning, and response platform, SAFER Systems will no longer make product enhancements to any version of the SAFER Real-Time software, effective immediately. Please note that your SAFER Real-Time product will continue to function as before, but product support will be terminated upon the earlier of the expiration of your existing software support contract interval in 2017, or December 31st, 2017. After this date, product support will no longer be available to any existing or former user of SAFER Real-Time.

SAFER Systems is committed to making your transition to SAFER One RT™ as smoothly as possible. Designed from the ground up with feedback from you, the new platform introduces a host of value-added features below, including:

  • A robust browser-based platform with no need for PC-specific installation or configuration
  • User management and access control
  • Centralized configuration and archive database for chemicals, scenarios, events, receptors, weather, and gas sensor data.
  • Simplified, highly intuitive user interface and workflows
  • Google Maps® integration with real-time traffic and searchable points-of-interest
  • Collaboration across users and plant sites

Please contact us at or (805) 383-9711 X130 to discuss your transition plan to SAFER One RT™, or any existing multi-year software support plans that extend beyond December 2017 that will be affected by this notice.

For more information on SAFER One RT™, please visit our new product page.

We’ve also created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to address some of your biggest concerns.

We look forward to working with you, and value your commitment to SAFER Systems.


Director of Product Management