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Make smarter decisions. Instantly.

Intelligently track unplanned chemical releases with the world's only real-time plume dispersion modeling solution.

The emergency response platform that puts you in control

SAFER One RT™ is the next generation of our patented emergency response software. Enhanced with a faster, more intuitive interface, it's our most powerful version yet. SAFER is now completely browser-based, giving you visibility into your facility anywhere, anytime — even when you're offsite. Before, during, and after a chemical event, SAFER One RT™ is the solution you want by your side.

Intuitive from start to finish

When seconds count, you don't have time for tutorials. SAFER One RT™ is designed with mission-critical emergency response in mind, so you can stay informed and in control — not trying to figure out the software.

Monitor your site even
when you're offsite

SAFER One RT™ is completely web-based, giving you access from any Internet-connected computer. View and run multiple scenarios at the same time, and instantly respond to odor complaints and facility alerts — even if you’re nowhere near the incident zone.

Multiple users on any device

SAFER One RT™'s new subscription model allows multiple users to access the software at any time, on any device. Never be tied to a single computer again. Annual subscriptions include training and on-site auditing.

Fully compatible with
leading hardware partners

You want a leak detection system as airtight as your emergency plan. Seamlessly integrate our software with onsite perimeter gas sensors and meteorological stations. We provide custom installation, training, maintenance, and upgrades as needed.

Integrate live data from
weather and gas sensors

SAFER One RT™ is the industry's only plume dispersion modeling software that integrates real-time meteorological and gas-sensor data. It's the most reliable way to track unpredictable toxic emissions. Anything else is just guessing.


  • Browser-based for anywhere, anytime access
  • Lower-cost, multiple-user licenses
  • Automatic system updates, patches, and fixes
  • Google-based satellite map imagery
  • Customizable GIS and receptor databases
  • Emergency Response Guide-based Hazmat, BLEVE & IED add-on
  • Built-in collaboration, event-sharing and reporting tools
  • Functionality customized to your site’s specific risk profile
  • High-resolution facility imagery
  • Custom scenario management
  • Lightning detection, heat stress, and other workforce protection tools
  • Database of 700+ chemicals

Full suite of Models

  • Fire and Explosion
  • Particulate Dispersion and Deposition
  • Complex Terrain Windfield
  • Puddle and Pool
  • Tank and Pipe
  • Stack and Jet
  • Spell check - Component
  • Dispersion
  • Building Infiltration and Exfiltration


  • Real-Time Emergency Response
  • Live Training Drills
  • Workforce Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Post-Event Analysis
  • Fence line Monitoring
  • Leak Detection

SAFER One RT™ is the world's most advanced software for chemical emergency response. Trusted by leading refineries, railroads, laboratories, and chemical producers around the globe.

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