A SAFER Standard: ISO 31000

Risk reduction is the ultimate measure of success for any Process Safety Management program. However, operational risks are often managed on disparate systems relegated to support functions, with a focus on compliance. Prioritization and proactive engagement are required to mitigate operational risks effectively; however, in many cases, operational risks are not part of the executive level discussions regarding risk mitigation. Introduced in 2009, and updated earlier in 2018, theRead more

In-House or Cloud Computing?

The manufacturing sector is in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, which is set to revolutionize every industry including refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, food processing, as well as most public utilities. The core of Industry 4.0 revolves around computing, often cloud computing, and lots of it. This comes with its own set of challenges as companies are faced with increasing costs in digital infrastructure and application support.Read more

Scalable Chemical Safety

A Scalable Approach to Chemical Safety

Cloud-based services are enjoying solid growth in the Chemicals sector as companies capitalize on a key technological benefit: cloud scalability. Though behind other industries the energy, chemicals, and refining industries are beginning to embrace digitization as part of Industry 4.0. The latest industrial revolution involves combining physical and digital technologies to improve efficiency and safety in business operations. As an early adopter of Industry 4.0 across their entire organization,Read more

Application Rationalization

Application Rationalization and Corporate Alignment

The age of digitization allowed technology to be leveraged in a seemingly infinite number of ways to improve every day activities; from smartphones to smart cars, to smart homes, the possibilities are truly endless. The same applies to chemical processing and safety, as organizations strive to transform their chemical plants into smart facilities of the future. However, as companies rush to leverage technology to improve their Environmental, Health, andRead more

Application Rationalization in the Chemical Sector

Is your application portfolio becoming unmanageable? Many companies have dozens if not hundreds of applications implemented, but most of tend to actively use far fewer than that. The growing list of applications supported by a company presents a significant problem as associated costs often run into millions of dollars a year. Companies tend to accumulate applications, that is true for companies in every sector and industry, including chemical manufacturingRead more

Can Compliance with New Air Monitoring Regs. Lower Refinery Costs and Risk?

New California Regulations Pose Challenges and Potential Economic Benefits for Industrial Facilities States like California are well on their way to implementing laws, rules, and regulations that call for more community ambient air quality monitoring and greater transparency from the chemical industry. For instance, California Assembly Bill 617, signed into law this July, establishes a statewide air monitoring network and calls for greater community air quality monitoring in andRead more

Chemical Emergency Resources for the Community

Most of us are familiar with the adage that knowledge is power, but few give credence to the phrase during their day… until it’s too late. Few of us are aware of the chemical hazards present in our communities or those that we encounter on the road. So, stop yourself for a minute and ask, “What would you do in case of a chemical emergency?” The truth is mostRead more

The Gift of Giving

For decades, SAFER® Systems has provided chemical processing operators and the surrounding communities peace of a mind when it comes to monitoring ambient air in and around facilities. SAFER’s commitment to our customers and their communities has always pushed us to go above and beyond in helping improve chemical safety. That is why SAFER is proud to partner with many of our customers in giving back to their communities.Read more

Lightning Mitigation Systems

Convective activity presents a unique challenge to chemical processing facilities, as they explore options for lightning detection and lightning protection solutions. Annually, business in the United States loses tens of millions of dollars in downtime, cost of damage, and chemical incidents.1,2 Chemical processing facilities are particularly vulnerable to sustaining lightning damage due to the toxic and flammable nature of many of the chemicals with which they work. Even ifRead more

The Cost of Lightning

On average, there are 100 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes around the world every second. This translates to more than 8.5 million lightning strikes a day!1 From 2006 to 2016, an average of 31 people died each year in the United States due to lightning.2 Lightning detection and protection are important topics for industrial and business facilities, as the potential for injury and resulting lightning costs are high. There is alsoRead more