SAFER Systems Launches New Chemical Emergency Response Solution for Water Treatment Facilities

SAFER Systems, the leader in integrated chemical emergency response solutions, has launched SAFER Water Treatment today. SAFER Water Treatment is a new integrated emergency response software solution designed for water treatment facilities to maximize their chemical monitoring and emergency response efforts. The goal of this new solution is to provide a cost effective tool that ensures the safety of staff and community members from the potential release of hazardous chemicals used in water treatment.

Today’s water treatment facilities use a variety of chemicals, such as chlorine, ammonia, and sulfuric acid, to make our drinking water safe for consumption. Those chemicals, while relatively safe in their controlled environment, can be hazardous to the greater community in the event of an accidental loss of containment or a catastrophic event. SAFER Water Treatment is a turnkey software solution for effectively monitoring and managing these potential chemical disasters.

SAFER software solutions are designed to mitigate the impacts of a chemical release before, during, and after an event. SAFER Water Treatment is no exception:

  • Pre-release preparedness – Improve response planning and training exercises while complying with local and federal regulations.
  • Live-release monitoring – Chemical release models automatically update with live data from gas sensors and weather stations providing information for evacuation and saving lives.
  • Post-release analysis – Respond effectively to post-release litigation and improve preparedness for the future with comprehensive model and data archives.

Available as a standalone software installation or as a software and hardware package, SAFER Water Treatment can be seamlessly integrated with a facility’s existing weather or gas sensor system to enable maximum performance and accuracy. All SAFER Water Treatment subscription packages include around the clock expert support and free continuous software updates.

For more information or to purchase SAFER Water Treatment, call (805) 383-9711 or e-mail