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Our Story

SAFER Systems began with a brilliant idea from a refinery engineer. Seeing a demonstration of environmental plume modeling, he immediately sensed its application for the chemical industry. In 1981, SAFER released its first emergency response modeling system — developed on a WICAT 150WS computer with a screaming 8 MHz processor, 256k of memory and a 10 megabyte drive. The owners found a Slipstream motorhome and drove the entire Gulf Coast demonstrating the SAFER system. They christened the camper MERV for Mobile Emergency Response Vehicle. In 1982, the first commercial SAFER System was installed in a chloralkalai plant in Houston, Texas. After a pesticide plant exploded in Bhopal, India, in December 1984, killing an estimated 15,000 people, SAFER’s unique software received international attention.

Today, our customers can be found in more than 35 countries

Many have used SAFER Systems around the clock for nearly two decades. We continue to aggressively design, develop and deploy the most innovative software to protect people, property and the environment.

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"Our worst case scenario can affect a large population. So, we wanted the most accurate tool with real-time data and the fastest response. SAFER Systems provides everything that we need. It’s a crucial part of our emergency response management."
Gerry Morigerato Global Security, Transportation & ER Leader, Momentive Performance Materials
"SAFER Systems is the gold standard. It's the best solution out there for emergency response. No other modeling software does what SAFER does. We rely on it every day."
Environmental Specialist Leading Canadian Petroleum Company
"With SAFER Systems, we’re able to make the right decisions faster. SAFER has been instrumental to our emergency response management."
EH&S Regulatory Specialist Fortune 500 Chemical Producer
"The employees at SAFER Systems who we have dealt with have been absolutely fantastic. The customer service has been 100% excellent."
Process Safety Engineer Major Plastics & Chemical Company
"We have a town with multiple schools within three miles of our facility. With SAFER Systems installed, we have the confidence of knowing that we can alert the authorities and safely evacuate those residents should a major incident occur."
Site Emergency Response Leader Leading Plastics Producer
"SAFER Systems came highly recommended. We had an opportunity to make tremendous improvements to our sensor capability with SAFER's solution and replace our obsolete system. SAFER has performed as promised."
Control System Specialist Large Producer of Specialty Chemicals