SAFER Mobile Response™


SAFER Mobile Response™ is a FREE mobile app for Android and iOS that puts the 2012 Emergency Response Guide (ERG2012) information, safety measures, and hazard distances at the user’s fingertips. The impact zone, protective action distances, and isolation distances are all visualized on top of Google Maps™.  SAFER® Systems has integrated live weather and Google Traffic™ as well as user customized points of interest (POIs) that fall within the impact zone.  Scenarios can be shared with colleagues during an emergency event enabling everyone to work off the same visual information and they can be saved to a user’s profile for later review.

Key Features:

  • Live Weather
  • Custom Points of Interest (POI)
  • Visual Initial Isolation Distance (IID) and Protective Action Distance (PAD)
  • Create, Edit, and Share Scenarios
  • Google Maps™ and Google Traffic™
  • Quick Reference NAERG pages
  • Customizeable Experience


Download for Android Download for iOS


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