I can't overstate the value of a tool that helps anticipate, prevent or mitigate problems – SAFER Real-Time® helps us see what could happen or what is happening. We can confidently show and share with the community, our industrial neighbors and our emergency resources that the tools we have help to protect them too!

– A safety representative at a leading North American chemical company


Just watch what happens. You can see how the system models the plume's dispersion across the site. With a few keystrokes, the multi-colored cloud of gas stops in mid-air...or mid-pixel, in this case. SAFER Real-Time® gives us a real-time dispersion scenario on our screens within seconds of an incident occurring.

– Emergency services and security representative, leading Canada chemical company


DuPont, Sabine River has utilized SAFER Systems as a key part of our Emergency Response Program and management of preparedness since 1988. We are proud that we can respond to an alarm within two (2) minutes with initial downwind assessments immediately communicated to our plant staff.

– Richard Hicks, Sr. Systems Analyst (retired), DuPont Chemical, Orange, Texas